Humanity is an integral part of our Jainism.  With your cooperation, noble thinking and affection we wish to plant a tree of humanity and nurture it to transform into a VISHAL tree which would enable us in upliftment of the deprived portion of the society. Navi Mumbai Oswal Jain Trust with a mandate of serving society at large on the principles of Jainism plans to provide its services towards education, health care, cultural heritage and supporting entrepreneurship. Your selfless participation in our mission will be a key to the success towards vision of the trust. Core principles of Jainism with strong scientific and intellectual basis will be driving us to strengthen the humanity in our society.

Guided by the pillars of the Jainism such as non-violence, peaceful coexistence (जिओ और जिने दो), and unity in diversity, the vision of the trust is to strengthen the humanity in all possible forms. It will be our primary goal to make human meet humanity. Strengthening humanity would imminently ensure self-reliance, happiness and collective belonging of the civilization. It is with this auspicious mandate we appeal your active participation.

The mission of the trust is motivated by our inspirational Shraman Sanghiya Salahkar Bhishma Pitamah Rajshri Tapasvi Ratna Gurudev Sumati Prakashji Muni and Shraman Sanghiya Varishtha Upadhyay Bhagwan Vachnacharya Dr. Vishal Muniji, whose 2019 Chaturmas will be hosted by the Navi Mumbai Jain Sangh. We are indeed honoured and privileged to have this auspicious event in Navi Mumbai and welcome you all to be integral part of Chaturmas 2019. Kindly contact us if you have any further queries.